A crystal display

Two glass panels
capture light

A crystal display

Two glass panels
capture light

L’ASTRO is a technical/decorative laminated glass panel embedded with Swarovski® crystals that is the result of in-depth research and development work. Approximately 40,000 stones per square metre are set by hand individually between two glass panes. The work is entirely carried out in Italy using a patented technique.

The end result is a material where the crystals are neatly arranged on a smooth, unbreakable and easy-to-clean surface that protects the stones, while also enhancing their elegance and sparkling quality.


because it customises the most exclusive interiors in a very special and truly innovative fashion


because it is entirely handmade in Italy


because technical know-how and creativity add to its high quality


because it is made using thousands of Swarovski® crystals, which are the best on the market


because it is entirely custom-made


because it enhances the elegance of the crystals and enables unique decorative applications

L’ASTRO is a new, versatile and creative way of decorating architectural surfaces

L’ASTRO is the bright and shining focus of all room interiors, resembling a group of stars.

L’ASTRO is a laminated glass panel embedded with Swarovski® crystals.


L’ASTRO is made using Xirius Rose cut Swarovski® crystals, which are the brightest types of crystals and have the highest number of facets.
Set between two glass panels, the crystals retain their sparkle. The light reflecting off their surface produces an ever-changing and non-glary reflection that adds to their elegance.

L’ASTRO glass panels are the elegant, evocative and charming focus of any room interior.

"And thence we came forth to see again the stars"

[Dante Alighieri]

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