Many brilliant ideas


Many brilliant ideas

From a technical standpoint, L’ASTRO is a material that can be handled as traditional glass.
A cutting-edge decorative solution that is suitable for the most diverse and exclusive projects and that is safe and tested prior to use. It is highly versatile and offers countless customisation solutions and applications.

Perfectly flat surfaces and smooth vertical panels that are safe and easy to clean are embedded with approximately 40,000 dazzling crystals per square metre. A highly decorative and versatile “sandwich” combination of glass and stones that is easy to use and clean.






Minimum size 10x10cm / Maximum size 6x3m

Customisable sizes and

Application is also available
on curved glass

Sealed edges

Sound insulation

Every single project will be assessed based on technical feasibility and on creating the best possible decorative solution.

Safety and hygiene

L’ASTRO is a safe material that is made using tempered glass that carries international certifications issued by a third party. Swarovski® crystals are used for the first time to decorate residential and commercial premises, owing to the smooth texture of the glass panels that protect the crystals and that make them safe to touch, for instance, inside a shower.
L’ASTRO is also hygienic and very easy to clean and remains bright and shiny over time.

Brilliant ideas

Not just fabulous: technical specifications

L’ASTRO is hygienic, easy to clean, with high mechanical strength and water resistance properties.

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"And thence we came forth to see again the stars"

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