Your mosaic of light


Your mosaic of light

L’ASTRO lends itself to countless ways of making the most exclusive projects unique, by turning ideas into new decorative solutions.
The customisable quality of L’ASTRO laminated glass, both in terms of technical details and design features, makes it the focal point of any room interior due to its amazing decorative and emotional impact.

Designers can use L’ASTRO to reproduce an array of subjects, with unparalleled decorative effects.
L’ASTRO designers develop the best possible solutions for each project focusing on stone colours and finishes, patterns, technical and functional details, based on the client’s requirements in terms of use and aesthetics.

100% custom-made

Highly accurate, custom-made glass thickness, size, shape and details.

Custom-made design
and boundless creativity

Nuances and custom-made patterns: the sky’s the limit. The best possible solution for any project, based on its decorative quality and use.

A wide range of colours and finishes

Constantly updated Swarovski® crystals in keeping with the latest trends.

Modular, moulded and customisable

Large glass panels are easy to ship and assemble. Modularity allows maximum creativity.

The magic of crystals
blended with safety,
hygiene and versatility

Customisable thickness

Starting from 12mm

Customisable sizes

Starting from 100x100 mm to 6.000x3.000mm

sizes and shapes

Application is also available
on curved glass

Sealed edges

Humidity resistance tested

Highly hygienic and easy to clean

A WOW effect for a smooth and easy-to-clean surface

Every single project will be assessed based on technical feasibility and on creating the best possible decorative solution.

Not just fabulous: technical specifications

L’ASTRO is hygienic, easy to clean, with high mechanical strength and water resistance properties.

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"And thence we came forth to see again the stars"

[Dante Alighieri]

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