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Certifications and
technical specifications

L’ASTRO is tested in independent testing labs to guarantee high performance in terms of safety, sound insulation and mechanical strength, heat and water resistance, in compliance with international performance standards.

Hygienic and easy to clean

This spectacular and highly decorative glass sandwiched crystal arrangement is a smooth, hygienic, easy-to-clean, practical, non-abrasive and long-lasting surface.


It is Class 1(B)1 certified, the highest performance class in the laminated glass category. This classification ensures that glass fragments are held together upon breakage. It is also heat and humidity tested.

Harmonised standard UNI EN 14449:2005 Class 1(B)1 impact resistance
Harmonised standard UNI EN 14449:2005 resistance to heat and humidity


L’ASTRO is safe to use in the presence of water and humidity. It is suitable for bathrooms and shower enclosures.

IPX7 tested

Sound insulation and privacy

L’ASTRO is a highly effective sound insulated product.
An important feature that merges functionality and décor when used as a partition wall.






Minimum size 10x10cm / Maximum size 6x3m

Customisable thickness

starting from 12mm

Customisable sizes and

Application is also available
on curved glass

Every single project will be assessed based on technical feasibility and on creating the best possible decorative solution.

"And thence we came forth to see again the stars"

[Dante Alighieri]

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